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Just what is the experimental hotel..?

We envision a space where we come to learn about ourselves, change ourselves and explore our sociality. The Red Victorian is a platform for this. As a hotel guest you are invited to explore our curated habit changing experiences or escape your bubble experiences. Our space has various fun interventions in place, that are deigned to increase happiness and connection during your time with us.

Science culture

As a community space, the Red Victorian is also a platform for knowledge curation, production, collation and experimentation.

We run a free lecture series every week where you can learn about a diverge set of topics - humanities, housing, poverty, posthuman rights, philosophy, feminist biologies, quantum sociology, space & deep sea studies, promethean governance, urban planning & architectures, neoliberalism, critical pedagogies, utopian studies, heretical science, transhumanism, sociology, radical geography, history, political aesthetics, critical theory and much much more.

Behavioral interventions - scattered around the building we have interventions that are designed to make you think!

Science Praxis

We run neurotech hack nights twice a month. This ia space bringing together the biohacking community to develop the kinds of tools that we need to run our own experiments!

We run experimental dinners, where guests come to participate in a dinner party which is really an experiment. You can see our lab book here.