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Red Victorian Lectures: Outlaws, Outliers & the Convict Code

Outlaws, Outliers, and the Convict Code: How the Culture of Violence and Secrecy is Promoted and Perpetuated Inside American Prisons
The explosion in American incarceration rates has reached epic proportions in recent years. The US is home to only 5% of the world’s population yet we cage 25% of the world’s prisoners. The US cages fully 33% of the world’s female prisoners. Several US states lock up more than 1% of their entire population. Oklahoma, for example, recently claimed the dubious distinction of becoming the world’s leading jailer, locking up a whopping 1,079 people out of every 100,000 residents. This trend is both alarming and ongoing. Remarkably, incarceration rates remained relatively stable for the first 200 years of American history. From 1776 to 1976 the US incarceration rate hovered around 100 per 100,000 people or roughly .1%. In the last forty years, that number has skyrocketed by 700%. One might think this huge increase is a symptom of a massive crime wave, yet this is not the case. Crime rates have remained relatively stable throughout this period. This begs the question, why so many prisoners?

Tonight we will explore who is being impacted by America’s mass incarceration phenomenon. We will also examine who is benefiting from it. We will consider some of the factors perpetuating the phenomenon and discuss possible solutions.

A little about our speaker: Aaron Lowers currently works as an educator, serving some of the most marginalized individuals in our community including many formerly incarcerated individuals. Aaron was incarcerated for nearly twenty-three years. During that time he gained insight into the failings of the American Criminal Justice System. Aaron earned an MA while incarcerated because he wanted to acquire the skills necessary to understand the system in which he’d become ensnared. Since that time has devoted himself to shining a light on the corruption and degradations that are part and parcel of the American penal landscape. Aaron is an outspoken critic of the prison industrial complex and he brings an insider’s perspective to a topic that has traditionally been shrouded in secrecy. Aaron is determined to develop actionable solutions geared toward ending mass incarceration and providing a more equitable society for us all.

Doors open at 8pm, talk starts at 8.30pm on the dot, please don't arrive late ♥
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