Stay with us!

The Red Vic is an intentional community that offers select visitor spaces that make staying here like coming home to friends & family. While here, we invite you to attend events - from talks, classes and skillshares to music nights, art shows or family dinners. Close to Haight-Ashbury, the Golden Gate Park, and Twin Peaks, this central location also offers easy direct lines to both downtown and the beach. With private and shared rooms, we welcome you to experience the Summer of Love culture.

Who We Are

The Red Victorian has been many things over the years, and it is transitioning again! We remain a community run, non-profit collective and we have 22 individually decorated hotel rooms which proudly serve a diverse and eclectic set of humans from around the world.

The Red Vic as a community space will to continue to be a beacon of counterculture, for the weird & wonderful, the awkward & the other, to remain deeply connected with and in collaboration with the commons and the communes - a radical hotel if you will. We have a dedicated troop working hard to turn the space around and we are aiming to restore the storefront as an autonomous space for communities and subcultures that are often underserved in the mainstream.

We will continue to host the Red Vic Lectures, art and music shows, salons, and Experimental Dinners, reading groups and support circles. The woodshop has been lovingly restored with Haight St Commons funds and with much care. Our events will remain free and open to all, as they have always been.

We will throw a launch event in the coming months to announce these plans and invite participation.

Keep your eye on the Red Vic Facebook page for updates and to to be notified when we’re having info sessions, re-opening the main floor, or to get involved.

Where We Are

The Red Victorian is nestled in the heart of Haight-Ashbury: arguably the last existing neighborhood that has retained the old San Francisco vibe. It is vibrant, colorful, full of history, art, music, and radical ideas about the world. Our neighborhood consists of creatives, artisans, small business owners, as well as a community of transient residents who you can often find making art or playing music in the park. The streets are safe at night, though we encourage bringing a friend if you're wandering through the park very late at night. We are located within 2 blocks of 4 different bus lines.